Students’ Feedback

“Thank you very much for this Medical Informatics course. I learned a lot and effectively utilized the learning in my profession here in USA. I recommend this course to all my fellow medical professionals” Dr. Arshi Hasan, MD

“I would like to thank you and the team for support during the entire duration of course in Medical Informatics. Promptness, clarity and accuracy in communication are the key in online courses and I appreciate all efforts for the same. Enjoyed and learnt a lot.” Dr. Kunal Jawahar Thakkar

“I congratulate you on developing and conducting ‘Certificate in Medical Informatics’ program for the benefit of medical, nursing and other paramedical personnel. I seize this opportunity to congratulate you once again. Wish you every success in your future endeavors. Thank you very much for giving this opportunity to complete the course.” Dr. Goverdhan Das Mogli

“It is a real privilege to be a part of your online study programme on Informatics and I am trying to follow up strictly with the portions for every week, assignment and report. Indeed its a worthy programme for the medical field and I thank you and the team for the great effort to run such collaborated and co ordinated programme.” Ms. Shilna CK

“Thank you for all support and for the eHCF team for bringing this course to the doorsteps of many. Dr. Akpo Esaba Emmanuel

“The course, the booklet has been of great help. Thanx for the help you gave for this course.” Dr. Vimal Vibhakar

“Your usual support is highly appreciated. Thank you for the excellent course.”  Ms. Elham Abdurabu Idris Al’Drisy

“Thank you for this information! I really think that all health sector professionals need this training. Again it was a pleasure for me to take this 3 months training.” Dr. Amadou Koita

“Thank you very much. I am glad that I was able to complete the course. I am thankful to you and your colleagues for your excellent support through email communications.” Mr. Palchamy Elango

“Thanks for your kind attention and time.” Dr. Shashikant Janardan Pawar

“Thanks for your support and guidance.” Mrs. Shaikha Ebrahim Obaid Akran Al Ali

“Thank you for every thing. I am impressed with your course hoping them to be a strong start for me for this interesting field.” Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdulrahman Khattab

“Thank you for your effort. The course was superb.” Ms. Smyrna

“Thanks for your great effort.” Mr. Syed Mohamed Safi

“Thanks you so much for the course. I am so grateful.” Mr. Elijah Odunayo Adeyinka

“It is my genuine pleasure to be a student of eHealth Care Foundation.” Engr. Mohammad Azher Shareef

“It has been pleasure learning from you and your team.” Mr. Ifeorah Chukwuma Michael

“I have enjoyed the course. It was very easy to learn. Thanks for every thing.” Dr. Nchafatso Gikenyi Obonyo

“Thank you so much for the whole team of medical Informatics school, for render me support and help. Thank you very much for all the support and guidance.” Ms. Theresa Fernandes

“Received my certificate and I am thrilled. Thanks for all the extended support by you and your team.” Mrs. Roopalekha Jathanna PN

“Received my certificate and thank you for the course which is immensely helpful.” Dr. Geetha Rajendra

“Thank you for having me in this course. It was a pleasure learning Medical Informatics from you! It was a pleasure. ” Mr. Amr Ahmad Awan

“I have enjoyed this program and am happy i took part.” Mr. Solomon Effiong Ubom

“Indeed it has been a rewarding experience exploring Medical Informatics, Kind Regards.” Mr. Olusegun David Akintola

“It was my pleasure to have completed the Certificate course in medical informatics from your esteemed institute.” Dr. B Raj Kumar

“Thank you for all the cooperation. I enjoyed learning right from the basics of computers to its application in medical informatics.” Dr. Manali Ravindra Kulkarni

“Thanks for all the support from you & your team without which it was not possible to complete this course” Dr. Shoukat Ali

“Thank you very much.  It is a great pleasure to study at eHCF School of Medical Informatics. It improved my confidence and increased my experience in development of various web application for good patient health care delivery.” Mr. Azeez Alao

“I  had a beautiful experience with this course. Thank you very much for your great work.” Ms. Ayaa Najib Bachir

Thanks. I feel privileged to be a part of this education programme.” Ms. Yasmin Sharma

Thanks, It was nice learning.” Dr. Kirti Pande

I received certificate finally. Thanks for your genuine efforts. It was a wonderful learning experience.” Ms. Trupti Vithoba Chavan

Indeed, it was a pleasure learning Medical informatics.” Ms. Maha Fatima

Indeed it was a great learning experience with knowledge development in the field of medical informatics.” Dr. A Tamil Mani

The course was good and very informative. Thanks for giving me a opportunity to know more about the medical informatics. The topics for presentation which you have sent was also good. It helped me to search and read more about in internet. Lot of information is there in the study material also.” Mr. Shaheen B L

“Thank you for providing  this wonderful course which I found very informative and effective. I take this opportunity to thank each of you for providing this course.” Mr. SanalKumar Venkitta Shivasankaran

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your program and I wish further success for your program” Mr. David Eisha Curry-Bryan

“Thanks for providing very good online learning opportunity with informative video’s” Ms. Janet Sylvia Saldanha

“Thank you for your support and guidance” Dr. Sripriya Gopalkrishnan

“eHCF School of Medical Informatics was a great learning experience for me and helped me navigate 4 very different hospital-based EMRs over the past 3 years. I would recommend this school and courses to anyone who needs a background from which to pull IT info for medical EMRs. Athar Haque, Director runs programs that are easy to follow and very helpful!” Ms. Jeanne Heroux

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I am also pleased to learn with you and hope I will succeed.” Dr. Innocent Martial Nanan

“I thank you and the entire team for your support during the course.” Dr. Sameer Ahmad Malik

“It was a great experience doing your course on medical informatics. I have really gained a lot of knowledge on this subject and would continue to add more, and put it into practice. Thank you very much for this and for your cooperation all along. With best regards.” Dr. Ashok Puri