Barriers and Facilitators for Tele-health Consultations during COVID Times: A Multi-State Exploratory Study from India


Sree T. Sucharitha*, Chakrapani Chatla.

*Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Co-ordinator, Central Research Lab, Tagore Medical College Hospital, Chennai, India;

*Corresponding Author: Dr. Sree T. Sucharitha, M.D, Professor-Community Medicine, Research Co-Ordinator, Central Research Laboratory, Tagore Medical College Hospital,Chennai


Introduction: COVID-19 derailed the clinical care delivery system for regular outpatient consultancy services across globe. Specially designed tele-health applications as well as regular mobile phone-based applications (apps) have been attempted by various healthcare providers (HCPs) to cater to the needs of their patients especially during the early emerging pandemic period. Methods:We attempted to study the barriers and facilitators in utilizing technology-aided tele-health options in a multi-state.mixed-methods study through web-based survey followed by a semi-structured interview.